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The Mary Ann Show's goals are to inspire people to not give up, to inform citizens, to provide public safety and useful resources, and urge people to take action and vote throughout the year as well.

The Mary Ann Show concept was originally sold to KSDK based on the successful track record of the creator as a television producer, writer and novelist. The initial airing scored the number one spot in its time slot, comparing favorably to the Dr. OZ show and Reverend TD Jakes. It has been rebranded as Mary Ann's Moment for re-launch after positive response on digital streams.

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The Mary Ann Network, LLC

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The Mary Ann Network, LLC is a media publishing company. We do what Hollywood does such as writing scripts and airing them on Mainstream networks. We inspire people not to give up, airing inspirational entertainment by top line writers.

We are offering the opportunity to partner with The Mary Ann Network, LLC for our future television show, Mary Ann's Moment to be hosted on KSDK in 2019 in St. Louis, MO. Mary Ann's Moment is an American syndicated daytime show which will feature “Real People” who are currently business owners that motivate and inspire others not to ever give up on their dreams no matter what barriers existed during their building blocks of their success. The CEO of The Mary Ann Network, LLC, Mary Hamilton is a creative and meticulous professional with more than 20+ years of experience in Communications and Television Broadcasting, exhibiting an astute knowledge in television programming and production.

Mary Ann's Moment will target a very diverse audience ranging in ages from 24-70, both men and women. The show's primary focus is to create a platform for local community pillars of business in the area that have a reputation for providing first class service to their customers resulting in high customer retention and offer their experience to upcoming entrepreneurs. Mary Ann's Moment will have a primary spotlight topic featured on every show regarding current events, local attractions, and music, performance, art and community resources available to the public while maintaining our focus on local entrepreneurship. Our show will be streamed and taped live in St. Louis and featured online as well as Social Media sites. Mary Ann's Moment has multiple advantages for your company's Title Partnership opportunity.

Mary Ann's Moment was created to bring the power of entrepreneurship to our local communities that have been unable to wield the levers of capitalism and the free market in the past. Much like owning your own home, owning your own business and being your own boss is a vital element of the American Dream. Mary Ann's Moment intends to convey the accumulated knowledge of successful local entrepreneurs to the new visionaries of tomorrow while inspiring them to take that leap.

The Mary Ann Network, LLC plans to position the talk show in St. Louis by highlighting the good work business does in the community. We will feature hot topics and current events that engage our viewers along with the nuts and bolts of local business, how to get started, how to manage growth, how to handle crisis, we have guest speak on Financial literacy, and we have guests that want to give back and sustain the community.

Benefits of Partnership

The Mary Ann Network, LLC is now in the process of identifying potential partnerships s to provide a full season of productions to air on KSDK. As a full season partner, you will be prominently featured during the opening title and closing credits in both voice over and graphic sequence. For example, “Mary Ann's Moment brought to you by “ Your Company”, Locally Owned, and Locally Managed.” or your choice of branding phrase. Partners will receive three 30-second commercials spots per show along with 4 guest spots to promote their products and service. Partners logo will be prominently displayed on set and in the YouTube and facebook editions of The Mary Ann Moment, accessed in 90 cities in the US and internationally through more than 18,000 Google and Facebook fans. As a per show partner we offer a guest spot along with three 30 second commercials and a closing credit.

Full Partnership opportunity starts at TBD Single show partnerships are available beginning at TBDwith a two show commitment. We consider this to be an initial offering and will consider all offers to partner. Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal. We will use all the resources available to The Mary Ann Network, LLC to ensure a successful partnership.

Additional Partnership Benefits

We offer discounts to small business owners (annual revenue < $100,000) who can show proof on financials. We can sell up to 60 sec Commercial spots to small business owner's for $199.00

Individual Commercial Slot

Price Card

$ 150.00 15 second
$ 300.00 30 second
$ 400.00 45 second
$ 500.00 60 second

Logo Placement

$ 300.00 per show

Product Demonstration

$ 500.00 per show

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